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Well hi…it’s me, your new best friend Cameron! Eric has a few questions for me so you guys can get to know me a bit…I’ll start off with my heritage. I’m a European mutt! I’m a white person, as Caucasian as they get. I’m a mix between German, Swiss, Swedish, Danish and Welsh. I am all American girl-next-door type. I’m a warm hearted person, so if I have a family one day, you better bet they will be raised amazingly. I lost my virginity at 18. I was at a hotel in with my boyfriend at the time. It was VERY awkward, but he was so large it almost didn’t fit. That night almost didn’t happen. I would LOVE to do a bukkake haah I don’t know why, it just think its so hot. I love being the center of attention, so maybe thats it!

When I masturbate I think about all kinds of stuff. Often I’ll think about past sex I’ve had, but sometime its fantasizing about group sex. I LOVE snowboarding. I started skiing when I was younger, but I love snowboarding now. I love to swim also, I used to compete in high school. Oh and I’m really good at sucking dick. Not kidding. I love the outdoors and being active. I love to read also, I’m a total book nerd. I really like going out with friends and meeting new people too. These days I primarily do webcam modeling under the name of Cameron Skye Sparks. I love camming, its a great way to interact with fans and its just much more enjoyable when its more personal. I love interacting with people, whether its on cam or in person, I find it fascinating. I especially loved shooting outside today. it kind of made me nervous that someone might stumble upon us as we were shooting, but it was also super exhilarating knowing there was a chance of it happening. I love shooting on location, but don’t get to shoot outside very often. If I get to shoot with FTV Milfs again, I would love to shoot a Boy/Girl scene. I love the exhibitionist quality of the shoots, and I’m dying to explore new fun things.

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It’s always a good sign when a model laughs easily and often, it means she’s comfortable and isn’t being awkward…and Cherie definitely loves to laugh! I met up with her on a cool morning while she was walking around an outdoor mall drinking her coffee…after some introductions she flashed her nice large enhanced breasts, she doesn’t get a chance to do much public nudity although she does model for 3 days a week. The other 3 days she works as a Physical Therapist, and she says that helped her get through some social anxieties…if she was ever anxious in a social situation I certainly couldn’t tell! Back at the house she started shaking her nice round butt, apparently she won an informal ‘best ass’ contest at school and it’s easy to see why, so butt lovers take note. I gave her the FTV Blue Monster Toy to play with as a sort of size challenge, and Cherie passed the test, sliding it deep inside her vagina and riding on top of it as she rubbed and squeezed her boobs (she loves to play with them). After that we shot some light foot fetish shots before she used the glass toy, rubbing it on her breasts and sliding it in and out of her mouth simulating oral sex before using it to penetrate herself viginally and then anally as well. She was in the mood for something more ‘lively’ though so I handed her the Vibraking and wow, what a response! She tested the vibration with some saliva, marveling at how the powerful toy made the spit ‘spike’ before she actually started using it to masturbate…she rather quickly reached a strong squirting orgasm – her first squirting while not in bondage – drenching my pants with her juices in the process! The sacrifices I make for you guys.

After that I got some extreme closeups of Cherie gaping and gently fingering herself, her clitoris was still quite sensitive so we headed outside. It was a cool day out but Cherie was adventurous enough to take the hose and wash a motorcycle, talking about her own experiences with her ex-girlfriend – for awhile she thought she was totally lesbian – and then sprayed her nipples and butt with the chilly water! She had to warm up a little after that, but soon we were outside again as she drove the boat around on the lake using her breasts…this woman is something else, she loves to talk and loves to laugh and is always sexually charged as I’m sure you guys will see. I hadn’t intended for the last part to be part of the shoot but when she refused to stand up from playing her video game to go do her paperwork I couldn’t resist turning on the camera to capture the scene…she loves games and playing and was bouncing on the ball like a teenager, topless and having the time of her life!

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I met up with Mercedes while she was wrapped up in her shawl sipping coffee and trying to keep warm…it was a cool rainy day but that didn’t stop her, she was down to play in public so we got right to it with some flashing of her big 32DD breasts as she undid her shawl, pulling up her black skirt to give us some up-skirt peeks as well, since she wasn’t wearing any panties! I didn’t request that by the way, it was her idea…maybe she just doesn’t wear panties most of the time, it wouldn’t surprise me with this woman. It was pretty obvious that Mercedes enjoys playing with her breasts, they are quite large and she loves squeezing them so I had her do a little hard breast massage which she enjoyed, especially because the cool rain was making her nipples erect. Heading inside she changed into her green lingerie and had some fun on the bed, pulling her panties up between her labia for some ‘cameltoe’ shots which I know some of you guys enjoy. She started playing with herself, fingering her vagina and bringing herself to orgasm, although it was supposed to be just a tease shoot at that point! I guess she was just so turned on she couldn’t help herself…notice her unusual style of masturbation where she has her fingers on either side of her clitoris. I was able to get some extreme closeups of her vagina pulsing after her orgasm, as well as her butt hole ‘winking’ just below.

As it turns out Mercedes is a fan of double penetration, exploring with some anal fingering as she masturbated and fingered her vagina…she enjoys both penetration and vibration simultaneously, which is unusual from what I’ve seen. Getting a little more kinky she tried using a pussy pump but unfortunately the device manufacturing was fairly cheap and shoddy and even with her background as an engineer Mercedes wasn’t able to fix it, so we moved to some veggie stuffing with a large zucchini which she also simulated oral on just to show off some of her techniques. It was a little touch-and-go at points with her getting a little ‘pornstarry’ with exaggerated moaning but I think that becomes pretty habitual for some of these models who already work in the adult industry. She also had fun spraying whipped cream on her breasts, using a bit more than was needed just because she enjoyed the sensation! Later in the day we went out on the boat and Mercedes took over the wheel, steering us around with her breasts out and one hand playing with herself…at least one other boat definitely noticed, they yelled something but we couldn’t quite make it out. It was a wet rainy day but we made the most of it, and Mercedes certainly isn’t afraid to get a little damp while she has fun so I think it was a successful shoot for FTV Milfs, hopefully you guys agree.

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Cameron is a real deal, real life milf from Las Vegas who is out in L.A. for some shoots. Shes a webcam model and she also sells small clips of her sexual escapades so she was out here doing that when she heard about FTV milfs. She contacted us wanting to shoot and we managed to set it up. Right off the bat, we can see shes blessed with a womanly figure and a HUGE set of natural breasts. Outside, shes risking it by pulling off some flashes of her assets and walking around a bit. Some employees started coming our way, which was weird for a weekend, so we took off. At another office building, she plays with herself and really flaunts her breasts and perfect vagina.

Back at the FTV house, she uses various toys on her way to some great orgasms. As can be expected, the VibraKing made another fan as Cameron had a long, powerful orgasm session. She even gets into some anal play. Her flirty nature comes out and she invites me to finger her butt. Its warm and very smooth, and she gets very turned on by this. She resorts to her own Wand toy and has a crazy squirting orgasm which coats my floor. In some of the pics you can see just how much squirt there is. 2 beach towels and 10 Swiffer pads later, the floor is clean and we move on to a hard breast massage, which will please the big natural breasts loving aficionados here at FTV. Seeing her manipulate those mountains of tits really gives the viewer an idea of how big they really are! Cameron heads back to Vegas and ends her shoot, but we’ll forever have those big natural breasts captured here on FTVmilfs. She wants to come back for a hardcore shoot too, but time will tell.

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Sierra Day showed up early to this shoot and I could tell right away that she was going to be a fun, energetic model. She certainly has a youthful sort of energy to her, which I suspect is because she works out often and takes care of herself (she dances, is into rowing, eats healthy and doesn’t drink or do any drugs). She is also apparently very comfortable in front of the camera with a sense of self-assurance that is rare to find in models from my experience. Sierra masturbates daily as a stress reliever so she was excited to try masturbating on camera, although she warned that it was generally extremely difficult to achieve orgasm on film for her…well, she had never met the mighty Vibra King vintage vibrator before! After warming up with her fingers and then a glass toy – which she was able to manipulate in and out using only her vaginal muscles, which I captured with some extreme closeups – she tried the Vibra King and before long had worked up to a strong natural orgasm which made her legs shake! Sierra tasted her own cum juices afterwards, which she described as sweet and tasty. She loves anal play and tried some fingering and then anal penetration with a vibrating toy before heading outdoors for some public nudity. She had fun flashing her perky breasts on a public walking trail when people were quite close by but looking the other way…the air was quite cool which made her nipples extremely erect. I worried about some people who were looking so we headed to the car, but on the way back to the house Sierra requested we stop at a gas station, which is where I found her one food weakness: sugar! She’s got a strong sweet tooth and bought a long multicolored lollipop which she sucked, simulating oral on for fun before penetrating herself as far as she was able and then licking her own juices from the candy.

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Tina comes to us from Europe and wow is she a stunner. She has a very “European” style body, being 100% natural but also with perfect boobs. We meet her at a local shopping area where she introduces herself before flashing her boobs. Unfortunately we drew too much attention and had to retreat back to the house. Once there she begins to strip on the side yard, revealing the aforementioned perfect body and amazing boobs she has.

After her strip, she played with some toys and did some pretty deep insertions. After this she was horny, so we decided to try a vibration toy to get an orgasm. The vibraking ended up being too strong for her, so we grabbed another wand style toy and watched as her puffy pussy began to get very wet. Around this time the wind started to pick up, so we head inside where we see Tina in a red lingerie set with a secret anal plug toy hidden in her ass! She proceeds to show off her anal talents with the plug and genuinely enjoys herself. We are also treated to some post plug anal gapes, not huge but obvious.

She heads outside again and melts some ice cubes on her body which turned out really hot. I love this part because it gives us a chance to see just how amazing Tina’s natural body is. We get out of the house and find Tina in a beautiful dress at an office area where she pulls off some risky public pissing! This is followed up by a nude walk in the middle of the day which was quite risky. Tina was a sure bet for FTVmilfs. Shes relatively new, having done some stuff over in Europe, but something tells me she will be a household name very soon!

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As if we needed to touch on the fact that real, everyday people can shoot adult stuff, it turns out that Jana and I have some mutual friends in our personal lives. It made this shoot more interesting in a way because it felt more real. First she stuns in the kitchen as she strips bare and poses in the natural light.

She then heads over to the couch and proceeds to insert her own glass toy. Its there we discover that she really enjoys anal in her personal life. We decide to save that for later, and she grabs the Vibra King toy and has a very cute orgasm. Interesting to note that she decided to use the top part of the toy against her clit towards the end because the white tip was too powerful. Some women have that complaint about strong vibrators while others don’t, so its interesting to see the ways the models adapt the toys to work with their bodies.

Jana ends up being a pretty kinky girl, as she inserts the metal jewel anal plugs. She really enjoys having her ass stimulated before and during sex. Jana was also able to to a kinky inserting of the blue jelly toy where she stuck the balls of the toy in her vagina. That part of the toy is definitely not made to be inserted, so it was very interesting to see her pull that trick off! Afterwards, we head outside and see her in a beautiful dress in a business area. She stops and begins to play with herself as cars drive by in the background!

Jana is one of those women who will look beautiful and youthful for a very long time. But its her personality that shows what a real woman she is. She is deeply into music, so much so that she has her very own recording space that she rents to go make music. She’s very into the Hollywood rock scene and can be found hitting up local joints to listen to live rock shows, or at home with a good book learning about the “good old days of rock” that she missed. Jana is one of those women that brings a unique style to FTVmilfs.

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When looking for a model for FTV there are certain qualities I look for and Alexa met or exceeded every single one…she comes straight from Spain so there was somewhat of a language barrier, even though I did my best with what little High School Spanish was still in my head. She has a wonderful personality, very naturally sexual and open to new things and of course has an amazing body!

We started out our shoot doing some behind the scenes footage in front of the house as Alexa took off her blue lingerie to show off those large firm breasts and her very nice butt, which led into some play with a toy which she brought along with her. Next she changed into her skimpy bikini and we headed to the backyard where Alexa played in the pool a little (the water was a bit cold that day, she was reluctant to get too wet, which is a shame…I would have loved to see those firm breasts nice and wet) before moving to a chair to play with herself, showing off her very pert nipples that she flicked to get even harder, and penetrating herself with her fingers vaginally as well as anally.

I could tell she was getting quite turned on, notice you can hear the wetness of her privates as she fingered herself, so we headed inside so she could play with some toys. I left the camera with her and left the room to make sure there were no distractions as she played with the VibraKing toy, which she at first thought was a hair dryer…she figured out quickly what it was as she pleasured herself, giving us a nice natural uninhibited orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Alexa wanted to dance and I was happy to record it, you can see for yourself how sexy that toned body of hers is as she moves to the beat! We had a suction cup toy as well and Alexa had fun sticking it to the hood of a car, licking and sucking and then penetrating herself with it. She thought it sounded like a funny idea and the footage came out very sexy. Following that she takes on the Blue Monster toy while wearing a sexy black dress. Notice the contrast of how the blue toy looks on her exotic skin tone. Very beautiful. We finish out our day with a hike where she gets very excited about some risky public flashing as hikers go by. She really liked to push her limits and get little flashes in when she thought she could get away with it. Alexa is truly a one of a kind beauty, really setting the bar for natural, beautiful woman and was a perfect fit for FTV.

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Kiki is a woman that has a very next door look and that is a major plus. She looks like the woman you’d see at the grocery store and you would never know she has a wild side crazy enough to have sex on camera. I had a shoot set up with another model but she ended up having a scheduling conflict so I called Kiki to see if she would be interested in shooting for FTV Milfs. She was and was even more excited that she would be shooting a hardcore scene for us! She drove out to the house and arrived with this extremely normal, approachable attitude that makes you think “theres no way you shoot porn!”

Our friend Damon arrived and immediately Kiki had a connection with him. She liked that he was able to take charge and help her push her limits on rough sex. They begin with an outdoor blowjob by the pool but the wind begins to pick up, so we see the duo head into a bedroom where the sex gets hard very quickly. The pair have about 20 years in between them, but we see them have sex in multiple positions until Kiki makes Damon cum.

Afterwards she can be seen rubbing the cum all over her big breasts. She seems to genuinely enjoy the cum, which is so kinky and unique as that is something that usually freaks women out. It was so weird to see her hop back into her car after, and head out to be back at home with her family. She is a real life MILF. One with a naughty side that likes to be submissive. I wonder if her husband knows that?

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Alexis Fawx is a 40 year old MILF from Miami who is really a bit of a “unicorn” as I call it. Meaning that they HAVE to not be real. I say this because she is seriously one of the nicest and funniest woman that I’ve had the pleasure of shooting. It actually kind of caught me off guard as sometimes the bombshell models aren’t so nice. We start off with Alexis in a sexy black lace outfit and she begins to play with herself on the bed after she strips off her stockings. I swear those stockings took both of us about 20 minutes to put on. Whoever designed those things needs to go back to the drawing boards. She continues on with a natural masturbation session, ending in an abrupt and powerful orgasm. I really love it when a woman can orgasm without a vibrator.

She then tests out two of the FTV dildos to decide if she likes long and skinny toys, or thicker but shorter. After this, we catch up with her downstairs where she tries the Vibraking toy that she had seen on the site prior to her coming out to shoot. She is blown away by its power and you can see her clit swell up as she plays. This particular scene was running much, much longer than usual. I started to suspect that it was too strong for her, but as it turned out she just needed penetration as well. I got her the g-spot glass toy and her powerful orgasm was almost immediate. Afterwards she literally wanted to ice her clit because of the swelling! And of course that turned into a scene itself as she melted the ice cubes on her breasts.

The silverware insertion scene was quite unplanned. We were thinking of something bizarre to insert, since its always fun to see models outside of their comfort zones. It was her idea really, so we just went for it! After this, we headed outside for some naughty public stuff. We find her in a busy business area towards the end of the day where we get some flashing and slight rubbings. We headed over to a parking area surrounded by buildings for her sign-off when I realized how good it would look to have her completely naked up there. Alexis is a woman I’d like to have back to see how public she will go. Most of the time, the models start out pretty apprehensive about the whole public thing, but Alexis really liked the idea of it. If she makes her FTV Milfs return, count on some very daring public exhibitionist stuff 🙂

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