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Hey guys! So I'm Janelle from Florida and I'm really excited to be here in Los Angeles and I'm so happy I got to shoot with FTV Milfs. Eric contacted me on my Instagram actually and we were talking quite a bit about a shoot and I finally just said screw it! I'm doing it! Most of my modeling is glamour and swimwear based so this was quite a leap! I've shot a couple little private videos with local people but never anything quite like this! That first masturbation part was the most nervous for me, and that felt amazing. Once the toys came out I was in love! That one brown toy is insane. I must steal it next time!

Janelle FTV Milfs

Janelle is a real life milf from Florida who I found on a popular bikini instagram account. Shes got a very thin frame with massive breasts that really help her out in the swimwear modeling world. In the milf realm, enhanced breasts are fairly common so its kind of a “comes with the territory” thing in my opinion. Right away we can see how Janelle loves to show her breasts off. Janelle masturbates with her fingers before graduating to her wand toy. She warned me that she may have quiet orgasms but each of the many orgasms she had were audible and many showed slight contractions. Shes under-sexed back home, so a weekend of orgasms was probably great for her. We did some slight penetration with the g-spot toy, but Janelle was on the tail end of her period so we didn't push the penetration too much. However once downstairs and with the Vibraking in hand, she has a series of incredible orgasms. Some public play follows the next day and even a trip to Hollywood to see the stars before her flight. We get walked up on by some ladies but they didn't cause too much of a stir. It was fun seeing a true, real deal 1st timer try out our brand of public play. Lovers of true, 1st time milfs will love this one, as will big tit fans or even enhanced breast fans. This young milf from Florida is a real treat and at the time of this shooting can only be found on FTVmilfs.com

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Riley Jenner is a beautiful busty blonde who is, surprisingly, doing her very first solo shoot here today! She has done hardcore content before but never shot by herself, so it was interesting to see how she took the spotlight and enjoyed having 100% of the attention…we started the day outdoors and immediately you can see how her nipples are poking against the thin fabric of her top! Back at the house there were some pet potbelly pigs which she loved, petting them and having fun before heading to the kitchen and stripping down. I had her use a glass ball toy, which she took in her mouth before penetrating herself with to see how deep she could take it…she also mentioned she was a fan of anal pleasure, sharing a funny story about having a butt-plug in at a party.

Riley Jenner -FTV Milfs

Wanting some vibration, she was introduced to the Vibraking toy which brought her to multiple orgasms (she lost count) with her natural juices flowing freely down her thighs…Riley joined the throng of models who fell in love with the vintage vibrator, that’s for sure. To cool down figuratively as well as literally she used some ice cubes on her nipples, then poured a whole tray of ice water down her front! Next it was time to get even wetter as she inserted a butt-plug and hopped in the pool, splashing around and showing those sexy curves before using a glass toy for anal penetration. Lastly, she put on a white dress and cute wedges to walk around in public, flashing some up-skirt views and then masturbating with her fingers on a sculpted bench before saying goodbye. It was a pleasure shooting with this beautiful blonde MILF, experiencing her very first time shooting solo right here on FTV Milfs!

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Aaliyah is a former FTV Girls model who was bubbly, fun and very cute with a nice open smile and a great attitude about sex…she wasn’t too shy about getting naked in public and had fun teasing passersby with her perky breasts, putting on a nice show flashing her boobs and butt and trying to keep a low profile despite her giggles. Back indoors I got some extreme closeups of her vagina as she spread her labia and did some insertions with a big glass toy, getting quite wet inside. When she tried the Vibraking it was almost too much, but it did bring her to a very vocal orgasm with visible contractions, which I tried to get a nice close look at despite her movements. Aaliyah was very playful and was willing to get a little kinky with some panty stuffing, pushing her little purple panties all the way inside her vagina before pulling them out again. Back outside she had fun masturbating in the open, trying not to cause too much of a stir from cars driving by as she explored a bit of anal fingering before showing her talent, ‘winking’ her butthole for the camera! Aaliyah was a great return model with lots of energy and lots of sexual energy as well.

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We started things off fairly tame, meeting up with Veronica on the street looking beautiful in her flowing white dress and heels with her long cascading hair stirring in the breeze. Right away you’ll notice how open and honest this woman is, she talks about why she was excited to shoot for FTV and then showed off her large breasts in public even though she was worried about a very nearby car with a man inside it. She was just getting ready to do some shopping for a date, so I headed back to the house to wait…when she got back she immediately started getting into some masturbation, using one of her own toys (a small pink vibrator) along with a glass bead toy. She loves penetration and having the combination of the toy inserted in her vagina and the other one vibrating on her clit soon got her very turned on and brought herself to a very nice natural squirting orgasm.

Veronica loves masturbating and is very uninhibited about doing it in front of the camera, she describes herself as an attention whore and you could see in her eyes that she loved having the camera on her as she penetrated herself. I got some nice extreme closeups of her milky juices flowing down from her pussy after her orgasm…afterwards she was standing up showing off her body when the door opened and her boyfriend-for-the-day showed up! She knew how well-endowed he was and couldn’t stop touching and caressing him, he barely got the chance to get his shoes off before she was tugging at his pants! There were some sparks flying between these two as things heated up, and I tried to be more of a fly on the wall so to speak recording them from a few different angles as she pleasured him orally, then took him inside her very wet vagina. This is the first exploration into Hardcore for FTV MILFs and I think Veronica was the perfect woman for the occasion, she’s got the looks and sex appeal of Marilyn Monroe and obviously loves all aspects of sex…the guy did very well and by the end of the shoot Veronica was one happy girl.

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I had heard of Veronica Avluv but nothing could have prepared me for the force of nature I was about to experience! She’s an incredibly sexual woman with a voluptuous body you guys are certain to love, and along with that is an amazing personality. She’s a Texas girl and you know what they say, everything’s bigger in Texas…that certainly includes her sexual energy as you’ll soon see! I just tried to keep up, shooting footage of her relaxing with a glass of wine in a public park flashing her large breasts, then going to a parking lot to jump on a table and enjoy a little alone-time. From a hard breast massage to penetrating herself vaginally and anally with a glass toy, to using a pink vibrator to bring herself to orgasm, you could tell she had come to have some serious fun. Inside she washed up a carrot and stuffed herself with it, using it to fuck herself in both holes, then ate it as a kinky snack before dipping her breasts in a plate of candy sprinkles just for fun. Next it was time for a little lunch and she treats us (and the entire restaurant) to a few songs to show her vocal talents…it was originally supposed to be just an interview portion of the shoot but ended up being more of a performance piece.

Afterwards Veronica was in the mood for more masturbation fun so we headed to the back patio where she explored her body some more, with extreme closeups of the action as she fingered her private parts and then penetrated herself with a thick pink toy…with the suction cup attached she was able to affix it to the sliding glass door but it kept coming off, so she ended up riding on top which brought her to a squirting orgasm! As the light was starting to fade I was hoping to get some sunset footage, which turned into some more public flashing as she shook her breasts at a nearby party boat as she danced to their hip hop music.

To finish off the day we see her re-introduced to an old friend, using a magic wand vibrator on her clitoris as she sat by the sink to come to several of her strongest squirting orgasms of the day! She’s an amazingly sexual woman with a seemingly endless appetite for physical pleasure and it was a privilege and an experience getting to share the day with her…enjoy all the fun, right here on FTV Milfs!

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Chanel Preston gives blowjob at FTV Milfs

Chanel Preston is a woman full of surprises. You wouldn’t look at her and think “shes from Alaska”. But she is. You wouldn’t look at Chanel in her purple blouse and tight skirt and think “this woman loved to be throat-fucked”. But she does. She’s sort of the ultimate Lady in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets. We see this lady side of her as we meet her in her well put together outfit. Chanel is a sexual woman, so she wants Donnie to know exactly how she wants her sex.

Chanel shows Donnie this by using the Vibraking and Donnie lends a helping hand. Donnie has been following Chanel on twitter for months, so he was very eager to finally shoot with her. He kisses her neck and rubs her in a sensual way, which leads to Chanel cumming rather quickly. Having seen the demonstration, Donnie is led up the stairs by Chanel. Once there, the sex begins. The chemistry between the two is apparent. Chanel begins with a blowjob that turns extreme very quickly. This is a theme that came up throughout the shoot. Things would start out normal, but turn hardcore very quickly. After the shoot, Donnie would text me and say it seemed like the harder and rougher he was with her, the more she was into it.

Chanel’s blowjob is followed by an assortment of different positions, but reverse cowgirl looked incredible. Chanel’s body bouncing up and down was a real treat for us. We see her in doggy, having her hair pulled as she looks at herself in the mirror. All of this climaxes (literally) with Chanel receiving an oral cumshot, which she then drools out. The “lady in the streets, freak in the sheets” proves she’s not kidding by heading home without a shower, and with a mouth full of cum, to her real life boyfriend. You’d never know just how naughty Chanel is by looking at her in an everyday setting, which is why seeing her naughty side here at FTV Milfs is such a treat. By the way, the last couple of clips are alternate angles of the hardcore action, in case you want a little different perspective on things 🙂

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I met up with Samantha Grace at a restaurant as she walked up in her flowing summery sundress and got to know her a little as we talked at the table. She’s been doing various types of modeling for quite awhile, I was surprised at the variety of shoots she’s done, I guess she can be fairly versatile! She was initially quite nervous about public nudity but I knew I was going to want a good bit of that with this shoot so I helped her get a little more comfortable with it, flashing a single breast at a time (she has large enhanced 34DD breasts) and then taking the camera under the table for some public up-skirt as well. I think some of the other cafe patrons saw me taking the camera under the table and back up again, we saw some people staring so we left before anyone complained to a manager…it always surprises me how prudish some people can be! Back at the house Samantha started exploring her body, she has an extremely sensitive vagina and kept giggling as she masturbated with her fingers…when she started pulling on her labia stretching them out a bit I made sure to get some extreme closeups so you can see the details of her pretty pink private parts. She wanted to get a little more ‘active’ so she tried out the magic wand vibrating toy and wow, if I thought she was giggly with her fingers while she played that was nothing compared to her using the magic wand! Samantha got extremely vocal with her moans almost singing as she stimulated her clit – playing with and squeezing her breasts the entire time – and apparently had multiple orgasms from the sensations. I honestly wasn’t sure at the time if she had just been ticklish or was genuinely enjoying it, so I had to take her word for it! Outside it was getting quite warm so she took her shoes off, dipping her toes in a public fountain water area and splashing around, giving us some more public up-skirt views as well as letting the top of her dress slip down to reveal her boobs. She had fun posing for a photo-shoot there – I included some video taken on a tripod during the shoot – but was again getting nervous about getting in trouble so we headed indoors out of the sun.

Back inside Samantha gave herself a nice hard breast massage, rubbing coconut oil slowly and sensually onto her skin…she loves the smell and the feeling of her hands slipping over her breasts, and was obviously getting quite turned on. She also turned around and used a little more oil to give herself a butt massage as well, and I decided to try having her do some anal fingering using the oil…she was very tight back there but slipped her finger inside, and then decided on her own to graduate to two fingers. She’s experienced anal play before but prefers light play to actual anal sex, saying it feels too rough and that she has quite ‘delicate skin’. Wearing a long flowing skirt she headed back outdoors, flashing occasionally to show that she had no panties on underneath…on a public bench she enjoyed some more breast massage, and got so turned on that it turned into an unplanned masturbation session where she brought herself to orgasm right out in the open! Wow, this woman really turned around when it came to public nudity over the course of this shoot. Quickly changing into a pretty blue dress and heels she filled up a water bottle at a public spout, then pulled up her dress to pour the cool water over her breasts – note how immediately erect her nipples became – and let it cascade down over her tummy and privates as well…it looked very refreshing, it was quite warm outside that afternoon! She was going to sit on the ground for the next part of the shoot but there were too many ants around and there was a janitor working a little too close by for comfort so I had to change locations on the fly, heading to a public parking lot where she masturbated to a quiet, but still vocal, orgasm once again! Afterwards I took some closeups of her vagina gaping, you can see her clit slightly swollen and very sensitive from the attention in the extreme closeups at that point. This was according to her the most risky and exciting public shooting and masturbation she has ever experienced, and as Samantha said goodbye she couldn’t resist flashing her curvy butt just one more time before leaving us.

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When I first met up with Raquel I noticed right away how super fit she was…at 41 years old this MILF was in seriously great shape, and it turned out that she has been in fitness competitions and has done bikini modeling, and is a self-described gym nut. She loves her body and loves taking care of it, and over the years has learned just the right buttons to push. We started out with a little interview that was somewhat in the public eye, I knew Raquel was a little nervous but she was willing to pull her top down to show those 34D enhanced breasts…they’re quite large especially on her tight fit frame but she wants to get them even bigger in the future. I think it’s somewhat common for super-fit models to get breast enhancements, since the breast tissue tends to turn into muscle from all the exercise. Raquel took things inside where she rubbed her glass toy over those big boobs, before sliding it inside…she was very tight down there, so much so that it was difficult for her to remove the glass toy at some points! She is very quiet while she masturbated, you can tell sometimes when a woman has done adult modeling before that she tends to be extremely vocal but Raquel kept things quiet and natural as she played with herself. Note how ‘puffy’ and enlarged her clitoris became after being stimulated, I was able to get some extreme closeups of her pink private parts after her play.

Next she tried a butt-plug for some anal penetration, again having some difficulty inserting the toy…her muscles down there are quite strong! When I handed her the Vibraking she was very surprised at how heavy it was, she described it as feeling like a bowling ball and had some troubles balancing it, and the fact that she was very ticklish down there from the vibrations made it a challenge lol! Once she was acclimated to the string vibrations though she enjoyed it thoroughly, getting dripping wet and bringing herself to a milky, shuddering orgasm with strong visible contractions. Afterwards we headed outdoors where she played poolside in her bikini…the water was very cold so she didn’t get in for a swim but she did splash her toes a bit, and you can see why she has done so many bikini competitions with that tight fit MILF body! To finish off the day she went for a jog in her tight workout gear, running on the trail before flashing her big breasts one more time while trying to avoid any biting insects.

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Chloe was a popular model on FTV Girls when she shot which was 8 years ago…a lot has changed since she was 19, she’s working as a medical professional now and has a more mature look, not to mention her enhanced breasts which have gone from 34A to 34D! She agreed to come back and do this shoot for FTV MILFs as a special exclusive; she hadn’t done ANY modeling for 6 or 7 years so it was very nice of her to get back in front of the camera for us! Starting off the shoot I wanted to show some of her professional demeanor so she was wearing a business suit as she walked around a local office park, flashing her large breasts before heading inside to relax and give herself a nice hard breast massage. I was able to get some extreme closeups as she used a magic wand toy to masturbate, bringing herself fairly quickly to a natural orgasm…

Chloe is fairly quiet when it comes to orgasming but when I zoomed in we’re able to see her vagina ‘pulsating’ as she cums. Towards the end of the day we headed back outside where she found a nice public bench to relax, baring her breasts and spreading her legs for some more closeups of her pretty pink privates as she played with a small toy.

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I met up with Brooklyn on a fairly chilly morning as she was getting her cup of coffee…I saw she had a see-through top on underneath her coat and asked her to flash her big 32G breasts (they used to be smaller and she wishes they were even bigger but I don’t know that I agree with her) which she did, although I could tell she was feeling very shy about public nudity. We got on a boat and headed out onto the water and after some conversation I could see she was getting more comfortable, pulling her top down to reveal her big boobs for anyone else around to see! She pulled off her tight jeans and started playing with herself while talking, pulling her nipples and spreading her vagina for some extreme closeups…she masturbated a little but it was a little too out in the open I think so we headed back to shore, and once she got inside she really got into things! Brooklyn changed into her sexy red lingerie and started masturbating again, this time using the mighty Vibraking which brought her to a strong, natural orgasm which, as it turned out, was her very first real orgasm caught on film! She was a little embarrassed since she was a pornstar but there it is, sometimes in the industry things get faked but not on FTV Milfs.

After that I challenged Brooklyn to try the FTV Blue Monster Toy, and she managed to ride it fairly deep despite its large size and girth. Her clit was getting very sensitive from all the attention so she decided to give herself a nice oily hard breast massage, rubbing her very large chest and squeezing her breasts together. Back out in public she was wearing her white button-up top and a short black skirt that made it easy to get some public up-skirt shots as Brooklyn spread her legs open, pulling her labia and giving some vagina gaping closeups before we started getting a little too much attention. Before she left at the end of the day Brooklyn wanted to do just a little more fun in public, so we headed to a convenience store where she flashed her boobs and her butt in the aisles…she certainly got more daring and comfortable being nude in public by the end of the shoot, it was great to see her open up like that.

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